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RaceTracker provides an advanced web and mobile friendly solution for tracking of athletes in any endurance sport using small, lightweight GPS tracking units. The solution reaches people at home, promoting event sponsors and media to follow the event from wherever they are. The system is developed in cooperation with race organisers to be easy to use and includes real time tracking of athletes on a map, automatically updated leaderboard and integrated social media, as well as a replay feature and an emergency SOS system, improving athlete safety.

We provide everything you need to add tracking to your events

Race Tracker

Built with the viewers in mind, Race Tracker provides a clean interface with a wide range of advanced features allowing remote events to be made available for a larger crowd live online using small, lightweight GPS trackers.


Alongside the trackers we also utilise the best maps. This will help the user pinpoint with accuracy the exact location of the runner.


The simplicity of the software is key. We understand how demanding organising events can be! With this in mind, the software has been developed so that it can be used on any device anywhere.


A multi-device management system with a simple and intuitive interface.

GB Race Tracker

We will guide you through all the event setup so that your customers have a fantastic experience.

Give your customers and their friends/family a better experience

Full Customisation available

Fully customise your experience with Race Tracker.

  • Multiple distances in one event

    More than one Race, i.e. a Marathon and an Ultra

  • Continously updated leaderbard

    Updated with each location transmitted from the Trackers

  • Integrated Social Media feeds

    Facebook & Twitter

  • SOS Alerts

    Rapid response to incident management

  • Event Logo & Sponsors

    Promote the Race & its Sponsors

  • Drive Fan Base & Sponsor Value

    Delivering excitement & understanding

Featured Event : Snowdon Ultra

GB Ultras’ 2019 Snowdon 50 & 100 Ultras are looking like they’re going to be standout events for this year.

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"Live Online GPS Tracking through Race Tracker reveals key moments of hard to follow races, promoting the race to people at home, engaging spectators while significantly improving event management and athlete safety.  GB Race Tracker provides an all in one service to help YOUR Event deliver maximum online potential."

Wayne Drinkwater - Race Director